Please complete these forms prior to admission. Most of these forms can be filled electronically. It is important that you complete these forms accurately. Missing information may delay admission. The Physicians Report si particularly important as it has to be signed by the child's Physicians and stamped.

Please bring a family photo to school on the day of enrolment. Provide an Emergency Kit with a 5 year shelf-life (3-day supply of water, blanket that offsets hypothermic reactions, food)

1 Registration & Fee Agreement 2019-2020 (To be announced soon)
2 School Policy Agreement
3 Identification and Emergency information (LIC700)
4 Notification of Parents Rights (LIC995)
5 Personal Rights Form (LIC 613A)
6 Termination & Consent for Medical Treatment (LIC627)
7 Physicians Report - Child Care Centers (LIC 701)
Should be signed and stamped by a Physician as well as the parent. No exceptions!
8 Child’s Pre-admission Health History Parents Report (LIC 702)
9. Photo Permission Form