Visiting our school is an exciting opportunity for your child and yourself. Please plan for this tour by calling and scheduling an appointment as we have to make time for a comprehensive tour. We would love to explain and demonstrate what we do at the school. If you come at a busy time this makes it very difficult. After your tour you are more than welcome to stay and observe the school while we attend to the children.

Admission Process

Our web site answers most of the questions you may have. Next schedule a visit by calling the school and making an appointment. After the visit, you may have a better understanding how your expectations can be met by the school and if it is a good match for your family. At this point you will be advised if the school can provide your child a spot. Once you have made a decision please complete all the required paper work and submit along with the registration fee.

Waiting Lists

The earlier you register or go on our waiting list, the better are your chances of getting a place. Preference is always given to siblings of present and past students, and also to part-timers requesting full-time schedules. 

Scheduling a Visit

We advise parents to visit our school, meet the teachers and tour the facility before making a commitment. Tours are schedules between 9 and 11 am. Overseas Applicant may register via e-mail. Please download the application form, print, complete and forward together with a check for the Registration Fee.

Your Registration Fee secures a place

Complete All Registration Forms (All Forms are in our download section). Drop it off at the school for review

Due two weeks before the child starts schooling

Annual Material Fee, One Month’s Tuition and a Tuition Deposit of half of one month’s tuition. Tuition is based on a full ten-month school year taking into consideration all holidays, spring and winter breaks