Preschool children participate in an active play environment and should wear comfortable and appropriately sized clothing without complicated fastenings. We request that parents exercise common sense and responsibility in their choices.

Mark all clothing

Using a permanent market, write your child's name on the inside label tag of your child's clothes. Mark it on every piece of clothing whether it is a dress or shirt, jacket or a hat. Children, when the get hot will take layers off; sometimes wet or get paint on their clothes that may require us to change their clothes. When this happens to 5 kids at the same, properly marked clothing helps the teacher put on the right clothing on the right child. Whenever you buy new clothes, label it with your Childs name immediately. Mark all shoes, lunch boxes and virtually anything your child might bring to school. It helps us to help you! And you don’t have to spend a fortune on replacing clothes that have been lost for lack of labelling.

Layer Clothing For Winter

When children run and play their body temperatures raise. When they get hot they take off their jackets! Unfortunately without a jacket and only one layer of clothing for protection, your child is likely to catch a cold. It starts off with a little cold, maybe a chill or maybe a cough. Remember to how important layering is in the winter.

Pack an extra set of clothes

Children may spill food on their clothes. They may have a bathroom accident or get water on their clothes. So pack an extra set of clothes and some socks and maybe even shoes in a zip lock bag and leave in the child’s cubby. A hat is also a good idea to keep them warm. Pack cool clothes for summer. Try not to put them in over size shoes to save money. This leads to tripping. Put on sunblock before you send your child to school.

The following items are discouraged

Make-up, jewelry, and shoes with built-in illuminations (they contain mercury which accumulates in the food chain and is an endocrine disruption). Preschoolers take a nap in the afternoon. Make sure you send a cot sheet and a blanket. Parents are required to take all blankets and pillows home every Friday to have them cleaned and returned on Monday. Parents must also provide an earthquake kit.