Optional Hot Lunch Program

The school offers an optional hot lunch program for a small additional fee. Packed Lunches: Try to use resealable containers rather than disposable packets - leftovers will help you learn more about your child's food preferences PLUS it’s a more environmentally responsible choice.


Snacks are provided free. Our snack food consists of fruits in season, vegetables, crackers and other healthy foods.

Food items for Holiday and Birthday Celebrations

Please try to bring healthy foods like fruits and nuts instead of sweets and fattening confectioneries. Sugar and artificial colors make children hyperactive, making it harder for them to concentrate, absorb information and ideas. Set a good example.



Pack an interesting lunch

If you prefer to send your own lunch from home instead buying the school lunch, please send a healthy lunch. Don't just pack anything for lunch. The best way to to do this to make a monthly lunch menu. Sit down on a weekend and think about what you will pack for your kid. By preparing and thinking about meals you can also save quite a bit of money. Seek out healthy snacks and use only 100% juice which can be found in the frozen section of supermarkets such as Costco and Smart and Final. You can mix it with water, get a juice bottle and you’re ready to go. Better still send plain water with a squeeze of lime or lemon and a dash of salt. Kids need salt as they run around quite bit and sweat it out.